Aesop Project

What a Funny Joke

I would like to take a moment and appreciate not only Aesop, but every storyteller that ever existed, currently exists, or will exist. Storytelling is HARD! I admire people that can come up with stories of the top of their heads. It’s like an entire world inside their brains that they are just itching to let out. For me, it’s the process of translating the tale from my head to paper that is.. Read More

A Slow Race

So, I am willing to bet that everyone that has ever existed has heard of the tortoise and the hare story before. I know I have! I don’t remember where or when I heard it first, so it’s almost like I was born knowing it (I am aware that is not true). It is one of the most referenced stories of all time, and I bet you didn’t know that it was written.. Read More


Hey, guys and gals! Welcome to my new website Aesop Project. It is truly a delight to have you with me today! First off, I am honored that you have chosen to visit my humble site. I hope you are hungry to learn about some of the most world-renowned fables of all time! (Like, who hasn’t heard of the tortoise and the hare, right?) I am pumped to explore some of these stories.. Read More