Life with Braces!

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Living with Braces can be a challenge.  I was 15 when I had braces to straighten my teeth and to pull a tooth out of my gum that was being stubborn.  Recently, my daughter also got braces from a Denton Orthodontics specialist, and she now has the most beautiful teeth!  Braces can be great to create a beautiful smile, but they can be a challenge while wearing them.

I remember playing Trumpet with my braces, Denton Orthodonticsand it HURT!  I used wax to build up on my braces to keep them from cutting into my lips but it still hurt.  I would have to play solo’s in marching band with braces cutting into my lips, but I made it through it.  I wonder now how much better I may have played back then if I didn’t have to wear braces and feel the pain.

For my daughter it was much different.  She didn’t play an instrument but she did play basketball.  There was one game that I remember her catching another girl on the arm with her bracket and it sliced right thru the other girls arm.  OUCH!  That hurt and the other girl was bleeding pretty bad.  I don’t know that she ever enjoyed her braces but she did get some pretty cool colored rubber bands that went on them to give them a different look.

Now days you can get all kinds of braces, but when I had then they were only available in clear and metal brackets.  I had clear brackets but they weren’t any more comfortable.  You can also get invisalign and other specialty braces now that allow you to not even see the braces when you have them on.  They are virtually invisible which is pretty cool.  Some braces you only wear at night or at home and don’t have to wear them all of the time so that you don’t have to worry about them.

I know that I’m thankful for my braces, but they were still around $3000 when I had them.  My daughters braces were well over $5000 but it was truly worth it.  She had some major issues with her teeth needing straightening and her braces made her teeth perfect.  The day she had the removed she was sooooo excited and couldn’t stop looking at her teeth and looking in the mirror at her new teeth.  Braces can definitely give you self confidence if your teeth are not straight and afterwards they look great.

I would highly suggest using Braces if you want to correct crooked teeth or an overbite or underbite.  They aren’t the most comfortable but they can truly help you with major teeth and jaw issues.  The tightening days can be super hard, but the milkshakes were awesome!  I know this isn’t a Aesop Fable but I think it’s super important to know the goods and bads of braces and how they will affect the wearer.  Hope this helps you in your journey for Braces and that moment when the Braces come off is amazing!

Trip across the US

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Diesel Pusher RV RentalHave you dreamed of taking your Family on an adventure across the US?  Aesops Fables had a certain flair to them but loading up your family and riding across the US in a RV can be the experience of a lifetime!  Close quarters can definitely be a challenge, but the joy of travelling the countryside and seeing the sites that the US has to offer are amazing from the windows of a luxury RV.  Whether you choose to travel in a Class C, Class A or a Luxury Diesel Pusher, there is no end to the choices you could have when travelling in an RV.

Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the US and see the sights and sounds?  Who would you take with you and where would you choose to stop and take in the sights?  There are so many choices, and many people nowadays end up living in their RV’s for a time because they can travel and see the world with all of the luxuries of Home.  There’s no end to what can be accomplished in an RV and where you can go.  We have friends right now that spent months in California and made their way up the coast until they are spending the summer in Alaska.  What a great adventure as they take in the some of the most beautiful scenery in all of the US!

Recently they sent pictures of the King Salmon they caught while fishing during the great Salmon run of Alaska.  What an amazing thing to be able to go do!  I love to fish and would love to spend time in Alaska catching massive Salmon and having fresh fish for dinner!  They are enjoying themselves and this lifestyle is available to everyone now because you can rent RV’s in many areas of the country.  Recently I met the owner of a luxury RV Rental in Dallas, TX.  He is a great guy that rents out everything from Trailers to large Diesel Pushers, and everything is well taken care of so you know that you can travel from Dallas to Alaska and back with no problems.

Plano RV RentalRV rental is also affordable.  I was surprised at how much RV you could get for the dollar. You can rent a huge 40ft RV that has multiple slides and a full kitchen, king sized bed, large living space, full bathroom, and more!  These luxury RV’s are amazing and would make a great home away from home, whether you are going for the weekend or spending a few months out on the road.  We even know a few people that live year round in their RV’s and just go and serve people that are in need.  How awesome is that!

If you are looking for a great way to see the US, travelling in an RV is definitely for you.  Go try it out and see what it’s like by renting an RV and giving is a go.  There are many sizes and styles to choose from and that way you can see if it’s a fit for you.  If you could travel anywhere where would it be?  With an RV, you could wake up today and head out on that amazing adventure and see the whole US!  There’s no limit to what you could do or where you could go, so take a look at it and see if the RV Lifestyle is for you!

A Day on the Beach

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There’s no other experience like sitting in the sand and enjoying the Beach of Florida!  The sun is out, the seagulls are flying around, the kids are laughing and playing in the surf, and you are getting to relax in a chair on the beach.  The wind blows off the waves, and the warmth just makes you enjoy the day even more.  The beach just has a mystical, magical feel to it and there’s no better way to blow off some steam than to hit the beach with your family.

Florida has some great places to see and to travel to but one of our favorites is the Treasure Coast.  If you ever head down there and take in the Coast, the Treasure Coast is a sight to see.  Beautiful sand, water and lots of great attractions for the family.  The food is amazing and the night life is awesome, and you’re only a short distance from Orlando to take in the sights and sounds of a treasured Florida city.  Eat at one of the 20 passenger Escalade Limoamazing 5 star restaurants or us a Limo Service in Melbourne, FL, to enjoy the night out in Luxury.  No matter what you do you will have an amazing time on the beaches of Florida.

Have you ever wanted to just get away?  Get the sand between your toes and just enjoy a great book, or fly a kite, or surf, or play in the wave, or go fishing for some of the great fish of the ocean.  Fishing in the ocean can be a blast and catching a shark or other large fish is an amazing experience.  You can charter a boat or find a pier to fish from, or try your hand at night fishing for sharks right off the beach.  You never know when you might haul in a 4 or 5 foot shark after a night of fighting a ferocious fish.  No matter what you do the experience is like no other!

The Florida coast offers many things to see from Cape Canaveral and the whole NASA experience to treasure hunting for the lost Treasure that gave Treasure Coast it’s name.  You can even catch an amazing Cruise Ship from the Coast and sail to one of the amazing places that you can reach in just a few days from the Coast of Florida.  There are many different ways to enjoy the Florida Coastline, and the Treasure Coast is full of opportunities!

Have you ever wanted to try parasailing or skim surfing or boogie boarding?  Want to take lessons and learn how to surf or wind board, or just paddle out for a day on a paddle board?  You can find any kind of getaway that you want and learn a new skill or become more skilled at something you’ve tried before.  Find one of the great teachers along the beach and learn how to stand on a surf board and truly ride the waves.  There’s nothing like gliding along the top of the waves as you feel the wind in your hair and feel the power of the ocean.  For an adventure like no other, you need to check out the Treasure Coast and all it has to offer.

Friend of Mine

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I recently was speaking to a friend of mine that owns a Roofing Company in Keller, Tx.  He was telling me the story of a home they repaired and the struggles they faced while dealing with the owners and the issues with the home.  A storm had hit and a massive tree in the yard fell on the home causing damage to the roof and to the interior of the home because rain fell on and in the house all day and night.  The interior of the home was completely soaked and the furniture Composite Shingle Roofs Friscowas ruined.  They had to go in and gut the whole living and dining room because of the damage and the owners had to move out for a week to get the repairs done.

Home damage, and especially storm damage can be a nightmare.  When a tree breaks and falls it can damage the roof, siding, fascia board, gutters, fence, sheetrock, 2×4’s, and more, and all of that can add up quickly.  It amazes me the costs of repairing a home like this because things add up quickly.  Just the living room and dining room was well over $30,000 to repair, and the damage done to the roof and structure of the Home was even more.  They spent a few weeks repairing the home and I know the home owners were happy to have it done right.

Insurance doesn’t always pay well for Storm damage so luckily my buddy will go through a home and make sure that everything is included on the estimate and on any supplemental insurance inspections.  He’ll look at damage done to every piece of your property from the fence to the landscaping to the actual home.  He’ll even fight for you to get the money you deserve so that your home is back in new condition and you don’t have any roof leaks or other issues with the repair.  Insurance companies can be difficult to work with but he’s done this for over 25 years so he’s really good at being able to take care of any issues with the adjuster.

The crazy part is my friend offers free inspections.  He’ll come out and inspect your roof in Keller and make sure that everything is exactly as it should be.  There’s no reason to call anyone else or even find another estimate because he guarantees his work.  If you use him he will guarantee his work for 5 years from the date of repair or replacement.  That’s craziness!  He knows that he hires only the best roofers and contractors to do the job so he is ready to take on any size job and won’t shy away from making sure everything is done perfectly.

Integrity is the word that sticks out most about my friend.  He truly believes that people should be treated right and when you are in an emergency situation then you need some one you can trust.  His crew and staff will help you like family, and walk you thru the whole process of repairing your home and getting things back to normal.  If you know someone that has had this kind of damage or needs help he’s the guy to call!  There’s no need to trust anyone else when you know he will take great care of you.

What a Funny Joke

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I would like to take a moment and appreciate not only Aesop, but every storyteller that ever existed, currently exists, or will exist. Storytelling is HARD! I admire people that can come up with stories of the top of their heads. It’s like an entire world inside their brains that they are just itching to let out. For me, it’s the process of translating the tale from my head to paper that is the real trick. Many times I have had tremendous ideas (or so I thought) and when I tried to dictate them, I could never find the words that I needed to accurately do my tale justice. My sister has this knack of finding exactly the right words and placing them in the exactly the right places to construct elaborate scenes and realistic characters. I aspire to be like that! I want to create stories that last for lifetimes, like Aesop. Seriously, think about it. Aesop lived almost two thousand years ago, and his stories are still as widely known today as they were in his lifetime. I don’t foresee them losing any steam either. They are ingrained in our society at this point. Now that I have that little tangent out of the way, I would like to share another of my favorite fables with you! This one is a little lesser known. It is called “The Lion and the Mouse”.

The story goes that there is this curious little mouse who is always getting herself into trouble and one day she stumbles upon a sleeping lion. She decides for whatever reason that it would be fun to climb all over and play on the lion while he is sleeping. (I guess she never watched animal planet and doesn’t know that lions are carnivores and mice are not). Well, as you could probably suspect the lion awakes and is furious. He traps the little mouse in his paws and gets ready to indulge in a little late night snack. The terrified mouse pleads with the lion saying that if he lets her go, she will one day return the favor and help him out. Now, realizing that he is much mightier than a mouse, the lion laughs and laughs at this joke the mouse seems to be playing. What a funny thought! A mouse helping out a lion? That would never happen. He must not be to familiar with good comedy because he finds this “joke” so funny that he lets the poor mice go because she gave him a good laugh. Relieved she returns to her home for the night. The next day, the lion is prowling about when he finds himself suddenly ensnared in a net trapped by hunters. The hunters marvel at their ability to catch a live lion and I guess they go off to celebrate or call someone or something, but for whatever reason they go off and leave the lion in the net.The mouse happened to hear the commotion and is curious to see what all the fuss is. She sees the lion and leaps at the chance to repay her debt to the lion. Chewing through the cords, the mouse frees the lion before the hunters have the chance to return.

That’s it! I guess the moral of the story is don’t underestimate anyone. Even the smallest, weakest people have very valuable skills to offer.


A Slow Race

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So, I am willing to bet that everyone that has ever existed has heard of the tortoise and the hare story before. I know I have! I don’t remember where or when I heard it first, so it’s almost like I was born knowing it (I am aware that is not true). It is one of the most referenced stories of all time, and I bet you didn’t know that it was written by Aesop! Alright, maybe you did, but it’s still pretty cool. This story will live on forever like many other fables that appeared out of this time. If you happen to be a rare individual and have somehow lived your life in complete oblivion to this great tale, I shall recount it now to let you in on the context of this discussion.

Basically, there is a hare (like a rabbit in case you didn’t know) who is fast, skilled and, oh yeah, cocky! He is so high and mighty and full of himself that he brags that he is the fastest in the land. Where is this land you may ask? I don’t have that answer, but it’s one in which animals speak to each other and have races and such. In this same land there is a little tortoise (like a turtle, because “The Tortoise and the Hare” sounds more important than “The Turtle and the Rabbit”) who is sweet, wise, and humble. The story goes that the hare is talking himself up to some of the other talking creatures and saying that he is so great and so fast that he could run for miles and miles and not get tired. The tortoise is slightly annoyed at the excessive brattiness of the hare, and he challenges the hare to a race. Now at this point you’re probably thinking that this is an awful idea because tortoises are SO slow that he could never beat a hare in a race. Well, they set up a start line and select a finish line and get ready to go. When the race begins, the hare takes off and leaves the tortoise in the dust. The tortoise seems unfazed and continues to walk slowly and steadily along the path. The hare gets about halfway and looks behind him, but the tortoise is nowhere in sight. He decides to take advantage of his lead, and since he stayed up late the last night (probably playing video games, or maybe texting the cute bunny next door) and he decides to take a quick nap.This is unfortunate on his part because while the hare is catching some z’s, the tortoise is continuing on the path steadily, never stopping. When the hare wakes up (I guess he forgot to set his alarm), the tortoise has already crossed the finish line. So the moral of this popular story is ALWAYS set your alarm or you’ll oversleep. That was a joke. It’s actually that patience and perseverance always wins over cockiness and laziness.

There are so many variants of the story but hardly any deviate from the original meaning and moral of the story. Similar fables have emerged from Chinese and even Native American cultures! I find it so fascinating how stories can travel across continents, borders, cultural and social boundaries. This timeless tale really is inspiring, but more than anything it reminds me of my sister. When we were little she would always use the expression “slow and steady wins the race” as an excuse to walk at a snail’s pace wherever we went. On a family trip to the zoo, we only got through a quarter of the exhibits because she would stop to read every sign and walk slowly so as to observe every little detail! It was infuriating! I guess sometimes it does pay off because now she knows more random facts about wild animals than anyone I know. I’m quite sure that this was not the exact implication that Aesop or any of the other story-tellers were trying to emphasize but I guess it does prove that going slower can mean getting ahead!



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Hey, guys and gals! Welcome to my new website Aesop Project. It is truly a delight to have you with me today! First off, I am honored that you have chosen to visit my humble site. I hope you are hungry to learn about some of the most world-renowned fables of all time! (Like, who hasn’t heard of the tortoise and the hare, right?) I am pumped to explore some of these stories and uncover the meaning behind them. It may not sound to interesting right now, but there is so much TRUTH packed into tiny, little stories that it really is fascinating. Aesop in particular is one of my favorites. If you have some spare time (in between watching House of Cards on Netflix and browsing the internet), it would definitely be worth your while to check out some of his work. Aesop was a Greek fabulist who lived around 600 B.C.E., which in case you have yet to take a history class, was a long time ago. I can’t disclose the details of his life, mostly because they are nonexistent. Most of the records that scholars have of him are probably made up, stories written on stone tablets that his friends probably wrote to make fun of him. (Disclaimer: I don’t know the validity of that last fact.) I do know that before his writing career took off, he was actually a slave to a man named Xanthus. This is particularly incredible to me that Aesop somehow managed to be freed (details fuzzy) during this era. Although we don’t really know a whole lot about this time period, judging by the harshness of slavery we have seen in the last century and definitely preceding that, it is remarkable how he came to be a free man! He is so brilliant and insightful that sometime during his life, an account of his time on Earth was dictated as what is know as The Aesop Romance. This is especially remarkable to read through due to the fanatical elements of the story. Since I’m sure not a lot of you have even the foggiest idea that this thing existed before now, I will give you a brief rundown of the epic dramatization of Aesop’s life.

So, apparently when Aesop was in slavery, he was infamous for his lack of good looks, unfortunately, and also his inability to speak. This is very unfortunate for how can one possibly communicate if they can’t speak and are not too easy on the eyes. (Not sure sign language was a thing back then.) Then, he showed kindness toward and Egyptian goddess, although the details are not specified. This goddess decides to show favor on poor Aesop and grants him speaking abilities and also the power of story-telling. This he uses to his advantage to escape the throngs of slavery, by outdoing his master and embarrassing Xanthus, who was a philosopher, in front of his students. Somehow this helped him out of slavery although that seems very generous on Xanthus’ part, who I’m sure was less than pleased at Aesop’s little demonstration of brain power. Aesop spent the rest of his life traveling, thinking, pondering and writing fables. It seems like he may have lived a nice life, but the story goes that he traveled to Delphi and insulted the people there with an offensive fable, and he was sentenced to jump to his death there. Well, I hope you found this informative and at least slightly interesting. Stick around! There will be more fable-telling soon!