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I recently was speaking to a friend of mine that owns a Roofing Company in Keller, Tx.  He was telling me the story of a home they repaired and the struggles they faced while dealing with the owners and the issues with the home.  A storm had hit and a massive tree in the yard fell on the home causing damage to the roof and to the interior of the home because rain fell on and in the house all day and night.  The interior of the home was completely soaked and the furniture Composite Shingle Roofs Friscowas ruined.  They had to go in and gut the whole living and dining room because of the damage and the owners had to move out for a week to get the repairs done.

Home damage, and especially storm damage can be a nightmare.  When a tree breaks and falls it can damage the roof, siding, fascia board, gutters, fence, sheetrock, 2×4’s, and more, and all of that can add up quickly.  It amazes me the costs of repairing a home like this because things add up quickly.  Just the living room and dining room was well over $30,000 to repair, and the damage done to the roof and structure of the Home was even more.  They spent a few weeks repairing the home and I know the home owners were happy to have it done right.

Insurance doesn’t always pay well for Storm damage so luckily my buddy will go through a home and make sure that everything is included on the estimate and on any supplemental insurance inspections.  He’ll look at damage done to every piece of your property from the fence to the landscaping to the actual home.  He’ll even fight for you to get the money you deserve so that your home is back in new condition and you don’t have any roof leaks or other issues with the repair.  Insurance companies can be difficult to work with but he’s done this for over 25 years so he’s really good at being able to take care of any issues with the adjuster.

The crazy part is my friend offers free inspections.  He’ll come out and inspect your roof in Keller and make sure that everything is exactly as it should be.  There’s no reason to call anyone else or even find another estimate because he guarantees his work.  If you use him he will guarantee his work for 5 years from the date of repair or replacement.  That’s craziness!  He knows that he hires only the best roofers and contractors to do the job so he is ready to take on any size job and won’t shy away from making sure everything is done perfectly.

Integrity is the word that sticks out most about my friend.  He truly believes that people should be treated right and when you are in an emergency situation then you need some one you can trust.  His crew and staff will help you like family, and walk you thru the whole process of repairing your home and getting things back to normal.  If you know someone that has had this kind of damage or needs help he’s the guy to call!  There’s no need to trust anyone else when you know he will take great care of you.

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