Life with Braces!

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Living with Braces can be a challenge.  I was 15 when I had braces to straighten my teeth and to pull a tooth out of my gum that was being stubborn.  Recently, my daughter also got braces from a Denton Orthodontics specialist, and she now has the most beautiful teeth!  Braces can be great to create a beautiful smile, but they can be a challenge while wearing them.

I remember playing Trumpet with my braces, Denton Orthodonticsand it HURT!  I used wax to build up on my braces to keep them from cutting into my lips but it still hurt.  I would have to play solo’s in marching band with braces cutting into my lips, but I made it through it.  I wonder now how much better I may have played back then if I didn’t have to wear braces and feel the pain.

For my daughter it was much different.  She didn’t play an instrument but she did play basketball.  There was one game that I remember her catching another girl on the arm with her bracket and it sliced right thru the other girls arm.  OUCH!  That hurt and the other girl was bleeding pretty bad.  I don’t know that she ever enjoyed her braces but she did get some pretty cool colored rubber bands that went on them to give them a different look.

Now days you can get all kinds of braces, but when I had then they were only available in clear and metal brackets.  I had clear brackets but they weren’t any more comfortable.  You can also get invisalign and other specialty braces now that allow you to not even see the braces when you have them on.  They are virtually invisible which is pretty cool.  Some braces you only wear at night or at home and don’t have to wear them all of the time so that you don’t have to worry about them.

I know that I’m thankful for my braces, but they were still around $3000 when I had them.  My daughters braces were well over $5000 but it was truly worth it.  She had some major issues with her teeth needing straightening and her braces made her teeth perfect.  The day she had the removed she was sooooo excited and couldn’t stop looking at her teeth and looking in the mirror at her new teeth.  Braces can definitely give you self confidence if your teeth are not straight and afterwards they look great.

I would highly suggest using Braces if you want to correct crooked teeth or an overbite or underbite.  They aren’t the most comfortable but they can truly help you with major teeth and jaw issues.  The tightening days can be super hard, but the milkshakes were awesome!  I know this isn’t a Aesop Fable but I think it’s super important to know the goods and bads of braces and how they will affect the wearer.  Hope this helps you in your journey for Braces and that moment when the Braces come off is amazing!

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