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I would like to take a moment and appreciate not only Aesop, but every storyteller that ever existed, currently exists, or will exist. Storytelling is HARD! I admire people that can come up with stories of the top of their heads. It’s like an entire world inside their brains that they are just itching to let out. For me, it’s the process of translating the tale from my head to paper that is the real trick. Many times I have had tremendous ideas (or so I thought) and when I tried to dictate them, I could never find the words that I needed to accurately do my tale justice. My sister has this knack of finding exactly the right words and placing them in the exactly the right places to construct elaborate scenes and realistic characters. I aspire to be like that! I want to create stories that last for lifetimes, like Aesop. Seriously, think about it. Aesop lived almost two thousand years ago, and his stories are still as widely known today as they were in his lifetime. I don’t foresee them losing any steam either. They are ingrained in our society at this point. Now that I have that little tangent out of the way, I would like to share another of my favorite fables with you! This one is a little lesser known. It is called “The Lion and the Mouse”.

The story goes that there is this curious little mouse who is always getting herself into trouble and one day she stumbles upon a sleeping lion. She decides for whatever reason that it would be fun to climb all over and play on the lion while he is sleeping. (I guess she never watched animal planet and doesn’t know that lions are carnivores and mice are not). Well, as you could probably suspect the lion awakes and is furious. He traps the little mouse in his paws and gets ready to indulge in a little late night snack. The terrified mouse pleads with the lion saying that if he lets her go, she will one day return the favor and help him out. Now, realizing that he is much mightier than a mouse, the lion laughs and laughs at this joke the mouse seems to be playing. What a funny thought! A mouse helping out a lion? That would never happen. He must not be to familiar with good comedy because he finds this “joke” so funny that he lets the poor mice go because she gave him a good laugh. Relieved she returns to her home for the night. The next day, the lion is prowling about when he finds himself suddenly ensnared in a net trapped by hunters. The hunters marvel at their ability to catch a live lion and I guess they go off to celebrate or call someone or something, but for whatever reason they go off and leave the lion in the net.The mouse happened to hear the commotion and is curious to see what all the fuss is. She sees the lion and leaps at the chance to repay her debt to the lion. Chewing through the cords, the mouse frees the lion before the hunters have the chance to return.

That’s it! I guess the moral of the story is don’t underestimate anyone. Even the smallest, weakest people have very valuable skills to offer.


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