A Day on the Beach

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There’s no other experience like sitting in the sand and enjoying the Beach of Florida!  The sun is out, the seagulls are flying around, the kids are laughing and playing in the surf, and you are getting to relax in a chair on the beach.  The wind blows off the waves, and the warmth just makes you enjoy the day even more.  The beach just has a mystical, magical feel to it and there’s no better way to blow off some steam than to hit the beach with your family.

Florida has some great places to see and to travel to but one of our favorites is the Treasure Coast.  If you ever head down there and take in the Coast, the Treasure Coast is a sight to see.  Beautiful sand, water and lots of great attractions for the family.  The food is amazing and the night life is awesome, and you’re only a short distance from Orlando to take in the sights and sounds of a treasured Florida city.  Eat at one of the 20 passenger Escalade Limoamazing 5 star restaurants or us a Limo Service in Melbourne, FL, to enjoy the night out in Luxury.  No matter what you do you will have an amazing time on the beaches of Florida.

Have you ever wanted to just get away?  Get the sand between your toes and just enjoy a great book, or fly a kite, or surf, or play in the wave, or go fishing for some of the great fish of the ocean.  Fishing in the ocean can be a blast and catching a shark or other large fish is an amazing experience.  You can charter a boat or find a pier to fish from, or try your hand at night fishing for sharks right off the beach.  You never know when you might haul in a 4 or 5 foot shark after a night of fighting a ferocious fish.  No matter what you do the experience is like no other!

The Florida coast offers many things to see from Cape Canaveral and the whole NASA experience to treasure hunting for the lost Treasure that gave Treasure Coast it’s name.  You can even catch an amazing Cruise Ship from the Coast and sail to one of the amazing places that you can reach in just a few days from the Coast of Florida.  There are many different ways to enjoy the Florida Coastline, and the Treasure Coast is full of opportunities!

Have you ever wanted to try parasailing or skim surfing or boogie boarding?  Want to take lessons and learn how to surf or wind board, or just paddle out for a day on a paddle board?  You can find any kind of getaway that you want and learn a new skill or become more skilled at something you’ve tried before.  Find one of the great teachers along the beach and learn how to stand on a surf board and truly ride the waves.  There’s nothing like gliding along the top of the waves as you feel the wind in your hair and feel the power of the ocean.  For an adventure like no other, you need to check out the Treasure Coast and all it has to offer.

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