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NEW! Click here to view a video of the experiments at Hebrew University in Windows Media Player format.

Click here to read more about ISAV's campaign to end these experiments and shut down Mazor Farm (Adobe Acrobat document).

Click here to go to more photos of Malish and the other monkeys at Hebrew University

Click on any of the six photos of Malish below to view or download in high resolution quality.

To download: Place your mouse cursor over the image you wish to retrieve, then click on the right side button on your mouse. Choose "Save Picture As" and then you can select any directory on your computer to place a copy of the image in... The Israeli Society for the Abolition of Vivisection encourages dissemination of the photos.


UPDATE! The Hebrew University is currently performing this horrific experiment on Malish, Jade, Fred and Simon. Four other nameless monkeys are also slated for this experiment.

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