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Excerpt from 18 November 2001 news article

A primate experiment was documented undercover in the Jerusalem Hebrew University. In the rare footage, researchers inserted electrodes in to the monkey's brain.

One of the researchers was heard saying, "We did all kinds of nonsense, simply so we can do something."

Objection to animal experiments is increasing around the world.

Read the full article... Click here

  Malish... Did he even have a chance?
  Photos: Malish, a two-year-old crab-eating macaque... He probably wishes he had never been born.


On Friday, 14 December, 2001, the Israeli magazine Tel-Aviv Times published Evidence from the Torture Chamber, The Story of 'N'. The article details the experiences of the under-cover investigator who bravely documented the appalling surgery on Malish and the grotesque misconduct which preceded and followed so his story could be told. Click here to read the full article...

On Tuesday, 27 November 2001, over 300 people (including Israeli government Minister Naveh and parliament members Sarid and Cabel) attended a demonstration staged at the Jerusalem Hebrew University where shocking experiments on primates were exposed. Click here to read full article...


Along with Malish, Jade, Fred and Simon are still being caged alone in the Hebrew University laboratories in Jerusalem. Their skulls are open and they are deprived of inherently basic needs (such as water and the company of their own species.) They are awaiting their untimely death. They have been dealt a fate of misery, pain and death in the name of science. Four more monkeys (whose names we do not yet know) are in line to undergo the same cruel and unnecessary experiment.


The monkeys cruelly confined at the Hebrew University, who have been subjected to various painful experiments, can be rehabilitated. A primate sanctuary for retired "research" primates was established recently in Moshav Shdema, next to Gedera [at the center of Israel], by Freedom to Live. The sanctuary could rehabilitate and care for these monkeys, but it is unlikely that the university will agree to relinquish them to the sanctuary. According to an estimate given by the Israeli Society for Abolition of Vivisection, around 150 non-human primates are being held in Israeli laboratories. About a third of them were raised in primate breeding farms such as the Mazor (BFC) farm in Israel, while the rest were captured in Africa, despite being protected wild animals.

Write to the Hebrew University and encourage them to release Malish, Jade, Fred, Simon and all the other monkeys to Freedom to Live's sanctuary and to cease this cruel experiment immediately!

Prof. Hagai Bergman
Department of Physiology

Dr. Rony Kalman
Hadassah Ein Karem, Animal Facility

Dr. Volodya Yakovlev
Institute of Life Sciences
Department of Neurobiology

Prof. Menachem Magidor
President of the Hebrew University
E-mail: and

Or address regular mail to the above contacts to:

The Hebrew University, Edmond Safra Campus
Givat Ram
Jerusalem 91904

For more information about the campaign against experiments in Israel, or if you would like to receive updates regarding this campaign, please contact Noam Lazarus at or Tsameret Arusi at

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