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About AESOP-Project


AESOP-Project [Allied Effort to Save Other Primates] is an international coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting monkeys and apes.

AESOP-Project strives to prevent monkeys and apes from becoming victims of any form of abuse and/or exploitation. 

Allied Effort to Save Other Primates' acronym 'AESOP' is derived from Aesop, the Greek fabulist. Aesop was born a slave; however, he was freed by his second owner. The owner took the time to get to know Aesop; and, as such learned to appreciate and respect the extent of Aesop's wit and intellect. Analogously, AESOP-Project strives to educate others about the extent of the wit and intellect possessed by monkeys and apes, in hopes that they too will soon be respected and freed.

AESOP-Project's website is updated frequently to provide a wide variety of information about monkeys and apes - especially including links to other organizations actively working on the front-lines to protect monkeys and apes... with the (mutual and ultimate) goal to prevent any future suffering of these amazing and diverse social individuals, as well as alleviating the existing suffering of monkeys and apes which is regretfully rampant worldwide.

Becoming involved in the struggle to make a real difference is an individual choice. There are many ways to become involved, ranging from time-consuming activism to a few moments spent endorsing a pre-written on-line petition. Regardless of how much time you choose to spend, please take a little time to educate yourself about the issues... Take a look in to the eyes of the monkeys and apes featured in photos on this website and in the links. Then, decide how you will help.

Please visit AESOP-Project's Action Alerts page that provides detailed information on how you can participate to make a difference -- regardless of whether you have days, hours or only a few moments to spare.

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Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?'

Expediency asks the question, 'Is it popular?'

But conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?'

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.



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AESOP-Project's logo was created and designed by Furevermine - Portraits for Paws
AESOP-Project Site Dedication

AESOP-Project's web site is dedicated in loving memory to Gonga

AESOP-Project's web site is dedicated in loving memory to Gonga



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