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About volunteering, internships, and employment
AESOP-Project is an all-volunteer organization and does not have any paid staff, nor internships. As AESOP-Project has no office, the only volunteer opportunities we can offer is for individuals to participate in the letter-writing campaigns and responding to Action Alerts posted on the web site. We also hope the information on the web site is useful for advocates and activists to use in launching their own campaigns to help monkeys/apes.

Regarding the possibilities of positions related to animal protection and/or conservation, you may wish to see the Animal Concerns Community's "Progressive Career Resources" [select 'Jobs & Volunteering' under the listing for 'Resources by Category'.] The listings are updated frequently.

If you are specifically interested in nonhuman primates, job announcements and internships are frequently advertised at However, please be advised that though many sanctuaries and rescue projects post announcements on the Primate Info Net, many (if not most) of the announcements are related to primate vivisection (which is of course the antithesis of animal protection and conservation efforts.)

Click here for an extensive and international listing of reputable primate sanctuaries, many of which offer internships and volunteering opportunities.

You may also want to submit a detailed letter of interest and your resume' to animal protection organizations which have programs you are interested in -- a thorough listing of animal related organizations (arranged by continent and then by specific location) can be accessed at

AESOP-Project wishes you great success in any career you choose which furthers animal protection work.

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