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What's New

->NEW: In Memory of Linda J. Howard, founder of AESOP-Project.

->NEW: The plight of monkeys/apes kept as "pets"

->NEW: Visual Overview of USDA-APHIS Licensees

->NEWLY UPDATED: Analysis, Primate Imports to U.S. 1995-2002

->NEW PHOTOS: Horrific Primate Experiment Exposed in Israel

->NEW DATA: Primates used in research in the U.S. [1973-2001]

->NEW INFO: Listing of CITES Appendix I primate species

->ACTION ALERT: Shut Down the Monkey Farm in Australia

->NEWS FLASH: Indictments in IPPL's 'Baby Monkeys' Case!

->LABS OF VIRGINIA EXPOSE': 'Inside the Monkey Farm'

->'SPECIAL LITTLE ONES': Meet Indigo, featured rescued monkey

->SANCTUARIES: List of primate rescue facilities worldwide

->NEW PETITIONS: Go To Action Alerts & Online Petitions

->NEW LINKS: Go to Links to Anti-Vivisection Organizations

->NEW INFO: Nonhuman Primates in the Private Sector in the U.S.


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