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Click to view more photos of poor Malish


On Tuesday, 27 November 2001, over 300 people, including Israeli parliament members, gathered at the gates of the Jerusalem Hebrew University to protest against horrific primate experiments being carried out at the University. Click here to read news article...

The experiments were exposed earlier in the month of November on Israel's Channel 2. Click here to read initial news article... The undercover footage exposed experiments being carried out on a macaque monkey called Malish. Click here to see photos of Malish...

In the footage, the researchers were seen sawing the monkey's skull and inserting electrodes into his brain. During this surgery, the monkey is conscious and blinking his eyes, while his head is locked into a restraining device. After the surgery the monkey was transferred into a cramped cage where he lived for several months, in which he was being deprived of drinking water.

Law proposed to reduce experiments on animals in Israel!

Mr. Yossi Sarid, member of the Israeli parliament and head of the Meretz party, is working on a proposal for a law that would completely ban experiments and procedures on animals, in the course of training and education (at schools and universities) as well as a ban on experiments on animals for the purpose of developing household and cosmetic products. If Sarid's proposal is passed as law, experiments such as the horrific and pointless primate experiments taking place at the Jerusalem Hebrew University will be banned.

Please write a letter of support to Mr. Sarid, commending him for taking a stand on animal abuse and leading the way for a brave new law that would save thousands of animals from abuse and torture in Israeli laboratories every year.

Letters of support can be sent to Mr. Yossi Sarid:

By regular mail:
Mr. Yossi Sarid, Member of Parliament

It is very important to write letters of support to the following members of Knesset (Israeli parliament) who have expressed their outrage over the exposure of primate experiments in Israel and are working to support Sarid's proposed law as well as an initiative to have more clarity and access to information regarding experiments on animals conducted in Israeli laboratories.

Please write to the following members of the Knesset:

Mr. Nissim Dahan, Minister of Health

E-mail: and

Minister Dan Naveh


MK Mr. Zevulun Orlev


MK Mr. Eitan Cabel


Please take a moment to contact all members of the parliament expressing your support! Click HERE for a listing of the e-mail addresses for all 120 members of the Israeli parliament which you can copy and paste in to an e-mail message. There is also a 'sample letter' written by Kinship Circle.

Regular letters to individual members of the Knesset can be sent to the address:

Mr./Ms. ___________,
Member of Parliament


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