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APHIS Licensees/Registrants
Inventories of Nonhuman Primate Holdings Among USDA licensees and registrants
(data received from a Freedom of Information Act request)

To download: Place your mouse cursor over the link of the document below that you wish to download, then click on the right side button on your mouse. Choose "Save Target As" and then you can place the document in a folder on your computer.


NHPs Group 1 (.pdf)

NHPs Group 2 (.pdf)

NHPs Group 3 (.pdf)

NHPs Group 4 (.pdf)

NHPs Group 5 (.pdf)

NHPs Group 6 (.pdf)

Nonhuman Primate Inventories - all

(Excel format)


Group 1 - Marmosets, Tamarins, Infants < 6 months
Group 2 - Capuchins, Squirrel monkeys, similar sized, some juveniles (6-36 months)
Group 3 - Macaques, African species
Group 4 - Male macaques, large African species
Group 5 - Baboons and nonbrachiating species > 33 lbs.
Group 6 - Great apes > 55 lbs. and brachiating species


ANIMAL INVENTORIES (Excel spreadsheet)

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